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Fortaleza, Brazil

Fortaleza is city that was cradle of Portuguese colonists, notwithstanding the Spaniards, who settled first in the area. At present, this city continues to be popular among European travelers, as there are remarkable beaches, fabulous hotels and catchy panoramas. Hence, it is no surprise that’s several places of interest around are worthful sightseeing spots that complements a nice vacation on Fortaleza resorts.

Cathedrals usually appear to be the core sites in Brazilian cities. Fortaleza is not an exception. Catedral Metropolitana is amazingly beautiful building, striking for its unique architectural style. The building may impress with its large scales; it can accommodate comfortably up to five thousand people. The opening of the cathedral took place relatively recently, in 1978, and its project was performed by known architect from France Georges Mans.

Museu do Ceara is also a notable construction in Fortaleza. This museum has a big collection of artifacts and antique items, which cannot but astonish enthusiasts of Brazilian art and history. Ten rooms of the museum house collections of antique furniture, folk costumes and everyday objects. Racy musical instruments are exhibited in Museu do Maracatu, and its visitors will have a great opportunity to appreciate the beauty of folk traditions of the local people.

The point of attraction for tourists from all over the world is numerous beaches on Fortaleza seacoast, with lots of restaurants, bars, entertainment centers, which work without days off and holidays. Local climate is favorable for a beach holiday – on the Atlantic coast, with many sunny days every year and constantly blowing cool sea breezes. Fortaleza beaches preserved the tradition of “zhangadas ” boat rides, which is difficult to manage, but Fortaleza people are fluent in this art.

Iracema is a luxury beach area with lots of nightlife, restored architectural structures of the early 20th century, galleries, exhibitions, British bridge Ponte dos Ingleses and beautiful statue of Iracema, the bow – a symbol of the city. On the territory of the cultural center Dragao do Mar (30 thousand square meters) one can visit Museum of Arts and a theatre, Cearense Memorial of Culture, a cinema, and even a planetarium.