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Greatest Nature to be Explored in Brazil

# Argentine Falls

Being renowned as the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Iguazu Falls or Argentine Falls (Argentina Side of Iguazu Falls) stands out the planet’s most awe-inspiring sight with simple astounding views. A visit to this place is really a jaw-dropping, visceral experience. The ability and noise of the cascades- a chain of hundreds of waterfalls nearly 3km long will live forever in your memory. One of the imposing natural attractions in Argentina and the World also, it’s situated in Iguazu National Park. No doubt, this place is one of the most visited places among tourists and travelers across South America.

# Macuco Safari

Have you ever imagined being under one of the waterfalls that forms the Iguazu Falls for a quick shower? If you’ve never experienced this, then Macuco Safari can give you this unique, soul cleansing experience. Going on an adventure trip along the Iguazu River takes tourists to within a few meters of the spectacular waterfalls. But the real adventure starts on solid ground, on the river bank, which divides Iguazu National Park and the Falls Observatory. Along the way, you’ll get to see the centennial forests, orchids and several plant species; which’re only found in the Atlantic Forest.

# Bird Park – Iguacu

This world-class Bird Park is located on the twelve acres of the native subtropical forest. It offers photographers, tourists, ecologists and ornithologists an innovative opportunity to interact with the birds in their habitats without any restriction, when entering into the huge, eight meters high, forest aviaries. Moreover, you’ll get to see over 160 species, both from the indigenous and from the other continents.

# Swimming with Pink Dolphins

There’s a bizarre creature; which looms from the murky depth of the Amazon River. It’s no other than the Pink River Dolphin, which has never been photographed underwater in the wild, until now. Moreover, the Amazon is a home to the unique river pink dolphins and what could be better than swimming with these lively creatures! Getting close to this wonderful, friendly, aquatic life is such a special and memorable moment to experience; even if you’re on the longest visit to Brazil.