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Things To Really See in Greece

Greece has been a popular holiday destination for a long time and it’s not hard to see why. It is a country of great hospitality, magnificent beaches, stunningly blue seas, fantastic cuisines and its culture and history are second to none. Few people that have visited Greece have departed anything other than enraptured. Whether you’re in coastal areas of the mainland, island-hopping, or exploring ancient towns and villages in the mountains, Greek holidays have something for everyone.

Walking in Greece – A Different Experience

Of course there is ‘seeing Greece’ and then REALLY seeing Greece! If you’re based in a single resort, you may find after a while that you’re feeling the need of a change of scenery. It also has to be said that the larger resorts in just about any country may sometimes be a little ‘international’ and you may feel that you’re not quite seeing the real Greece and its people.

It’s also possible that perhaps you’d feel a little intimidated by the prospect of trying to make your own way around strange city centres. Hiring a car may increase your freedom but even that does not always provide the perfect answer.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by: trying fight your way around the busy traffic in a strange town and navigating as you go; straining to catch a glimpse of a beautiful village or castle several miles away as you drive around constantly trying to find an access road; or getting to your destination only to find it impossible to park, then you’ll know how limiting cars can be! The answer to all of these issues might be a walking holiday. Basing all or part of your holiday around walking in Greece offers a huge number of advantages.

You will be able to get off the traditional tourist tracks and see the real country. You can explore mountain villages, historic sites, coastal paths and beaches that are unspoilt because they’re completely inaccessible by car. You’ll be able to see rural life, experience the countryside and have the opportunity to interact with local people in real situations, as opposed to a completely tourist environment. All this and you’ll be getting, or keeping fit in the process!

A Walking Holiday to Suit all

If you’re apprehensively thinking at this point that walking in Greece involves strapping on a massive pair of boots, then heading off up steep mountain trails for 2 weeks of non-stop heroic slogging, well, you can relax!

Greek walking holidays offer a vast range of opportunities to suit all ages, fitness and interest levels. For example, you can go on an escorted city-centre tour that ensures you’ll see the sights in the company of an expert guide. You’ll miss nothing and also won’t have to worry about interpreting the public transport systems!

Whether you’re based in a city or the countryside, each day you could be taken to a new spot and do some planned walks to see the local sights. These walks can be as strenuous or as undemanding as is appropriate to your age and fitness levels. Your expert guides can make sure you get the best out of every second of the day.

Similarly, your accommodation can be simple or luxurious as your tastes and finances dictate. You can be based in one accommodation centre, or split the holiday over several in different areas of the country. Alternatively, you can split your holiday to have one week in a fixed coastal location to do some traditional sunbathing, then spend the next week walking.

If you’re walking in Greece then ‘freedom’ is the key concept. The holiday can be entirely built around your interests and needs. As such, it can cater for people of all ages and walking skills. So, if you’d like that holiday with a difference that gives you a taste of the real country, why not find out more about holidays walking in Greece?